Quick Bio


Originally a rock drummer with various London bands (1977-83), I became increasingly interested in electronic music composition. I co-founded AMP Records with Mark Jenkins and Ashok Prema in 1985, and the label's first release The AMP Records Compilation Album, features three of my compositions - 'Ollie's Camera Looks', 'Cherub' and 'Parchal Papaguio'.

I was a regular live performer in the 1980s and toured the
UK in 1986 to promote TARCA and preview Coruscation, which was released the following year with a performance at the UK Electronica Festival at the Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford.

I recorded Imaginary Soundtrack in 1992 (previously available as a free download at last.fm) then rested from music making before remixing and remastering Coruscation for re-release on the 20th anniversary in November 2007.

A live album, 1986 UK Tour was released in 2010.   

I am currently (2018) working on several projects, including The Tree That Wished to Dance

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2003 which has progressively restricted me physically and mentally.


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