Album Cover
Peter Beasley
Released: Nov 5, 2007
Label: Metalbottle Records
Track Listing
1 Hunger Hill (6.00)
2 The Swaggering (4.58)
3 Nullified (4.25)
4 Qwerty Uiop (6.56)
5 York Aspiring (21.21)
6 Hunger Hill (Under Construction) (5.43)
7 Qwerty Uiop (Demo) (5.41)
8 York Aspiring (Demo) (22.13)
9 Excerpts from Coruscation (6.43)

Liner Notes

Originally released in 1987 on cassette only, the album was remixed, remastered for re-release on the 20th anniversary with 33 minutes of bonus tracks.

Format CD-R. Total Running Time: 77.19.

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Thanks to Dave Titchen (Yamaha DX7 piano solo) and Gary Attwood (guitars).

Note:- Track 9 is not actually on the album - it's excerpts for the Music Player on this website.

Alternatively you can download the album in MP3 or FLAC from Musiczeit (including full artwork).


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Dead Earnest
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