January 2018 - Happy New Year

Failed to keep my promise of releasing a new album in 2017. Sorry. I'm going to shut up about release dates. There are big changes in my life coming this year- mostly for the better I hope. Over the past  three months my Parkinson's disease has worsened and prevented me from working, sleeping and resting comfortably. It's a nightmare. See Biography for latest news on this.

Perhaps I'm trying to work on on too many projects at once and should just concentrate on the most important, which is surely 'The Tree That Wished To Dance'. In addition, I have about 20 electronic soundtrack style pieces that are mostly completed, an 'orchestral' work, dance, ambient and Berlin style pieces, Jean-Luc Ponty influenced jazz-rock, library music and a reggae track. Oh yes, nearly forgot - and a re-recording of 'Coruscation'.

I'm also working on cover vesions of some Tangerine Dream tracks.

More soon.

September 2017

I'm still here and perfectly aware that I have promised a new album in 2017. Just over 3 full months to go and I stand by that promise. What you hear, might not be what you expected!

November 2014

Once again, I'm donating all profits from CD sales of 'Coruscation' this month to the Prostate Cancer Charity 'Movember' campaign. www.movember.com



August 2013

Uploaded a short excerpt of a new piece (thebloodynewone) and a 10 minute improvisation 'Fistral' that has been in the vaults for a few years, to my last.fm pages.

Currently unavailable.

November 2012

Over the past few months, I've been concentrating more on the technical and production side of music rather than composition. In July I started on two new pieces (working titles 'Page 341' and 'Sam'). It's still tough work with my Parkinson's and I still haven't solved the problem why my laptop will no longer run the software fully. Thankfully I still have a desktop computer where it does work.

Another new piece I'm working on is a lengthy dance composition for the club scene, using complex sequencing.

I'll be uploading more free downloads to last.fm soon, so look out for them.

June 2011

I’ve just spent a few days going through old 16-track analogue master tapes of material I recorded in the late 80s/early 90s. Before I could do this my tape machine (a Tascam MSR16) had to have various (expensive) replacement parts and a thorough service. Most of the tapes were in poor condition so needed to be baked (twice) before they were playable. I’ve sampled all I want into digital format and will be selling the Tascam (nicknamed ‘The Beast’ because of its back-breaking weight) and my Seck 18 channel mixing desk.


Progress on recording new material has been hindered by a technical failure with my MIDI set up. I’m trying to find out why suddenly my M-Audio Axiom 61 master keyboard won’t synchronize with the Propellerheads Reason software in the way it always has before. I also had a few song files of nearly finshed material mysteriously disappear from my laptop. Some were backed up, but not all. There’s a lesson there!


My Parkinson’s disease has worsened in the last few months and I now find fewer ‘windows’ when I can physically and mentally apply myself to creativity and recording. It has lead me to consider releasing 'The Tree That Wished to Dance' as it stands now with two or three tracks in demo format. But I hope not.


Here’s hoping that my next report will be positive.




May 2011

Uploaded more video to Youtube today from my 1986 tour. Last week uploaded an improvisation 'Happier New Year' recorded on New Years Day to last.fm.

December 2010
Funny, but the title track of 'The Tree That Wished to Dance' is one of the last for me to start work on. The demo was done ages ago and today I finally got round to starting the new version.
November 2010

I'm donating all profits from CD sales this month to the Prostate Cancer Charity 'Movember' campaign. www.movember.com

Progress on 'The Tree That Wished to Dance' has slowed during the last few months. However, I'm determined to increase the work rate and finish the damn thing! 23 years between albums is too long!

August 2010

Uploaded a remix of 'Parchal Papaguio' to last.fm. The track originally appeared on 'The AMP Records Compilation Album'.

July 2010

I've added a rough demo of a new piece 'Crashing the Pips' to the Music Player today. This piece is being composed with live performance in mind. It will no doubt develop further with Roy Smith on guitar

I've also put new uploads on last.fm in the last few days.

As I progress working on the new album, which is a struggle for many reasons, I'll have to decide at some point on which format to release it. As an independent artist, I'm doubtful if I would break even if I went for a full CD release. CD-R is cheaper, though many people dismiss CD-Rs as unreliable and having a shorter life span. Personally I've never had a problem with them, yet I have bought professionally pressed CDs that have developed faults. So it looks like the Download route. I'd be interested to hear your views.

June 2010

I've just bought a new laptop and an M-Audio Axiom 61 MIDI controller keyboard. The intention is finish my album by the end of August and release it in October

April 2010

Today sees the release of a live album from my 1986 UK Tour . It contains four previously unreleased tracks - The Secret Agent, Guernica, Step in the Right Direction and Sexy Anna as well as my three tracks from The AMP Records Compilation Album and York Aspiring, Qwerty Uiop and Hunger Hill (Under Construction) from   Coruscation.  

Meanwhile, I'm continuing work on The Tree That Wished to Dance. Because of my disability, the process is not easy. Much of the composing and recording up to now has been achieved by step sequencing - programming notes and events in patterns and blocks of up to 32 steps and linking them together. 

Two excellent musicians - Kevin Clarke (bass) and Roy Smith (guitar) have contributed to a demo of the track Imaginary Eastern.

Other tracks include Shocked Quartz, Peaches and Cream, Fatigue Waves, Coal Black Polar, Havantville and Lime Heart.

Excerpts from these pieces and others are on the music player (left). 



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