June 2011

I’ve just spent a few days going through old 16-track analogue master tapes of material I recorded in the late 80s/early 90s. Before I could do this my tape machine (a Tascam MSR16) had to have various (expensive) replacement parts and a thorough service. Most of the tapes were in poor condition so needed to be baked (twice) before they were playable. I’ve sampled all I want into digital format and will be selling the Tascam (nicknamed ‘The Beast’ because of its back-breaking weight) and my Seck 18 channel mixing desk.


Progress on recording new material has been hindered by a technical failure with my MIDI set up. I’m trying to find out why suddenly my M-Audio Axiom 61 master keyboard won’t synchronize with the Propellerheads Reason software in the way it always has before. I also had a few song files of nearly finshed material mysteriously disappear from my laptop. Some were backed up, but not all. There’s a lesson there!


My Parkinson’s disease has worsened in the last few months and I now find fewer ‘windows’ when I can physically and mentally apply myself to creativity and recording. It has lead me to consider releasing 'The Tree That Wished to Dance' as it stands now with two or three tracks in demo format. But I hope not.


Here’s hoping that my next report will be positive.