April 2010

Today sees the release of a live album from my 1986 UK Tour . It contains four previously unreleased tracks - The Secret Agent, Guernica, Step in the Right Direction and Sexy Anna as well as my three tracks from The AMP Records Compilation Album and York Aspiring, Qwerty Uiop and Hunger Hill (Under Construction) from   Coruscation.  

Meanwhile, I'm continuing work on The Tree That Wished to Dance. Because of my disability, the process is not easy. Much of the composing and recording up to now has been achieved by step sequencing - programming notes and events in patterns and blocks of up to 32 steps and linking them together. 

Two excellent musicians - Kevin Clarke (bass) and Roy Smith (guitar) have contributed to a demo of the track Imaginary Eastern.

Other tracks include Shocked Quartz, Peaches and Cream, Fatigue Waves, Coal Black Polar, Havantville and Lime Heart.

Excerpts from these pieces and others are on the music player (left). 



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