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Hi Peter. I've recently discovered your music and am astonished you are not more well known. York Aspiring is one of the best synth tracks I've ever heard. It must have been awesome live, judging by the video clip. The music on your works in progress sounds great. When will the album be out? - Steve, Manchester

Thanks for the praise Steve. I've had numerous setbacks during 2010 and coping with Parkinson's Disease is not easy. I had hoped to release the album this year, but it's looking more like 2011 now. Keep your eye on the 'News' page. Well it's now 2017 and it's still not released. It will come. Please be patient!

Peter, It's great that you've returned to making music after many years of silence. I always thought you were one of the better electronic music artists of the 80s. I was sorry to learn about your health, but the samples of your new music indicates you have another very strong album in line. You mention you are working on other projects. Can you say more about them? - Erik, Amsterdam

Thank you Erik. It's good to be back! I've recorded about 25 different demos for 'The Tree That Wished to Dance', ranging in style from ambient and solo piano to dance, pop and classic electronica. It maybe that I'll release separate dance oriented and Berlin School style albums as well as 'TTTWTD'.

What equipment are you using for your new recordings? - Graham, Leicester

Propellerheads Reason, M-Audio Axiom 61 MIDI keyboard.

How did you get the dark 'industrial' sounds on York Aspiring? - Martin, Bristol

If you mean the heavily reverbed metallic rasping sounds, it was an experiment. I took sound chips out of a Sequential Circuits Drumtrax machine and then triggered the empty channels applying plate reverb. To my surprise and delight it produced those wonderful sounds.

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