Coruscation review by Alan Freeman

For anyone into strong, muscular synth music, this album has much to offer: HUNGER HILL moves along at breakneck speed; THE SWAGGERING features strong percussives and is jazzy in a kind of Roger Powell way; NULLIFIED is more unusual, with reverberating drums beating strongly against a Tangerine Dream like tune, the effect being somewhat like Peter Frohmader's 'Ritual' album, but Beasley's approach is more spritely and light; QWERTY UIOP is a kind of like a disco-ified Ashra sequencer piece, the guitar solo is nice, but it's a pity it wasn't a bit more forward in the mix.

The major triumph here though is the side long YORK ASPIRING, which opens swirling from the void into a typically Tangerine Dream 'White Eagle' period, relaxed melodic rhythmic piece. The composition is quite clever, different ideas take over in steps, so that the fabric of the music is constantly changing. Moving from the gently melodic to the thunderously heavy to the cacophonous to the tranquil with ease. The final section again has an Ashra type sequence, complex percussives and some Tangerine Dream style solos - finishing the album most vibrantly.

I must say CORUSCATION surprised me a great deal and no doubt it will surprise many other people too. Recommended to all fans of melodic, rhythmic synth music.

Alan Freeman, Audion

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