Africa Centre, London 1986 gig review by David Alexander


Another concert organised by AMP Records in quite contrasting surroundings to their bash at the Planetarium a few weeks ago. Situated by the Piazza in Covent Garden, the Africa Centre greeted a small but enthusiastic crowd on a drizzly winter evening.

After an hour of fine E.M. records, courtesy of D.J. Monkey Pilot, Peter Beasley took the stage for the last date of his UK Tour, accompanied by Dave Titchen. I didn't really know what to expect from Beasley, as his contributions to The AMP Records Compilation Album were so varied, but I wasn't disappointed. His hour long set was one of the best I've heard in ages.

Peter kicked off with an improved version of Ollie's Camera Looks and then previewed material from his forthcoming album Coruscation. The first piece, York Aspiring, featured stunning atmospherics and tremendous soloing, with Pete's drumming background clearly evident in his dynamic sequencer patterns.

The highlight of the whole evening came next, as Peter and Dave were joined by guitarist Gary Attwood for another new number. Attwood played a superb solo over a bouncy, driving, Fripp influenced beat. Dave Titchen then featured a short, melodic organ solo which led into a powerful and lively finale. They encored with a number about ex-newsreader Anna Ford.

On the strength of this evening, I'm sure Coruscation will be eagerly received.

David Alexander, The Mix